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Celia Jayne

I am passionate about wildlife and the natural world and understand that our connection with both is vitally important. The sunsets in Cornwall, where I live are especially spectacular and I enjoy recreating them in pastels. I love to explore coastal and beach scenes and the natural world both in wild colours and as greyscale journeys of tone.


Creating paintings of wild animals in their natural habitat is something that enables me to feel connected to them and appreciate their true beauty and magnificence. I'm told this feeling emanates from the paintings I produce.

Initially self-taught, I went on to study Art and Design, Fine Art, Illustration, and Textiles at Falmouth Art college.  I paint in all mediums, but my favourite is pastels. I teach several art groups locally, and we have exhibitions around Cornwall during the summer months.  

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to order a commission. Some of my artwork is available to see on this website and if you like a painting that has been sold and want to order something similar just let me know.

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