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Do you sell prints?

No, at the moment all my paintings are originals. I may have prints made from my paintings at some point but have no immediate plans for this.

What size are your pictures?

They are different sizes. If you click on the picture you'll be taken to a page that gives you the size

Are your paintings framed or unframed?

All pastels paintings are framed. They have to be framed before I send them to keep the pastels safe.

Acrylic paintings are often unframed - if you click on the picture you'll be taken to the page that gives you this information. If there is no mention of a framed size, it is unframed.

Do you paint commissions?

Yes, I paint commissions of wild animals, beaches, and nature scenes. If you look at the 'sold' section of this website you can see examples of my work that have been sold. 

Do you paint portraits?

No, I don't paint portraits of pets or people. 

How much is shipping?

I am trying to keep shipping costs down for people. It is currently FREE in the UK and £10.00 flat rate for any country outside the UK. If this becomes untenable I will change this but for the moment this is the price I charge.

Why does it say 'out of stock'? Do you paint several of the same painting?

No all paintings are original and individual, though I often paint a similar scene or animal several times if people like it or I really enjoyed painting it. As for the 'out of stock' message - it is something coded into the site shop that I unfortunately cannot change.

Do you have an unanswered question? Please feel free to email me
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